There are total of eight project outputs, comprising both the components:

  1.  4 Outputs under Component I
  2.  4 Outputs under Component II

Outputs under Component 1

Output 1.1   Water level of Imja Lake lowered through controlled drainage.  (Lowering the lake level by 3 m which reduced the risk of breach forming in the natural moraine dam.)

Output 1.2    Protocols for GLOF risk monitoring and maintenance of artificial drainage system of Imja Lake developed and implemented

Output 1.3     Community-based GLOF Early Warning System developed and implemented

Output 1.4  GLOF Risk Management Skills and Knowledge Institutionalized at Local and National Levels

Outputs under Component 2

Output 2.1: Sediment control and stabilization of hazard-prone slopes & river banks through structural and non-structural mechanisms

Output 2.2: Flood-proofing of Water and Sanitation systems in selected VDCs in target river basins.

Output 2.3: Institutionalization of flood risk management skills and knowledge

Output 2.4: Flood preparedness training for district and VDC representatives, NGOs, CBOs and local communities in 4-flood-prone districts