Identification, Design and Development of Automatic Imja Glof Early Warning System with the Cost Effective Data Transfer from Equipment at Imja Lake to Local Communities and DHM Web Portal

GLOF events have become potentially hazardous to many settlements in the Himalayan Region due to rapid de-glaciation. In recent years, Imja Tsho has received a lot of attention from scholars due to its projected probability of breach. Two major tributaries, the Lohtse Shar Galcier and the north-eastern Imja Glacier terminate at Imja Glacier Lake. Studies have stated that the lake has an average rate of retreat of 59m annually which implies the lake is growing at the rate of about 0.2 km2 per leading to concern over the risk of catastrophic GLOF event.

This proposal is aimed to conduct requirement analysis for establishment of early warning system for Imja GLOF. The project is aimed to reduce human and property losses from GLOF event in Solukhumbu District and catastrophic flooding events in Terai and Churia Range.

This report has been developed to design a system to mitigate the impacts of GLOF to the downstream communities of Imja Lake through development of an early warning system. The main objectives includes:

  •  Identification of suitable GLOF sensors to automatically analyze GLOF events with multiple sensors to verify and confirm the GLOF event and warn through sirens and other means to vulnerable community.
  • Identification of appropriate GLOF warning systems that can be communicated to local community on real time basis so that the local community can respond with sufficient lead time.
  • Identification of appropriate communication system of automatically sending GLOF warnings to community for activation of CBEWS and the tourists that are in the GLOF impact zones.
  • Identification of appropriate repeater locations for WiFi connectivity from Imja Lake to Namche to send information on extreme hydro-met events and GLOF warnings through reliable and cost effective real time system to provide warnings to local community with sufficient lead time in a cost effective way.