Identification of Suitable Sites for Flood Proofing Drainage Systems and Access to Drinking Water Supplies in Four Terai Districts of the Project under Component II

Of all the natural disasters that are accounted for in Nepal, floodings pose the biggest risk especially in the Terai, south of Nepal. These lowlands, which serve as natural low points of a much larger Himalayan drainage system, are prone to flooding and inundation each year during the heavy monsoonal rainfall. Many of the poor communities that live in the high flood zones of these rivers are vulnerable to flood disasters each year. One of the major threats is to access to drinking water sources, which are either obliterated or inaccessible during the flood. In the Terai region, the problem is further exacerbated due to gender and caste inequality, which makes difficulties in equal access to safe drinking water supply to all members of the vulnerable community.

Community Based Flood and Glacial Lake Outburst Risk Reduction Project (CFGORRP) is a joint undertaking of GoN, GEF, and the UNDP. The project is being implemented by DHM under MoSTE as the lead implementing agency. The project working areas include Imja lake in Solukhumbu to reduce GLOF risks and Identification of ETW and FPDS in Mahottari, Siraha, Saptari and Udaypur districts to reduce human and material losses from recurrent flooding events.

This project is on the Identification of Suitable Sites for Flood Proofing Drainage Systems and Access to Drinking Water Supplies is part of Component II of CFGORRP. It was started on January 10, 2014. In particular, the project aims are as follows:

a) Provide safe drinking water supply system for the targeted vulnerable communities so that people will have great relief
b) Enhancing socioeconomic activates by integrating income generation activities for the vulnerable people especially focusing women, poor and marginalized
c) Empower women through their inclusion in users’ committees and other functional committees,
d) Enhance participation of women in construction activities in the flood prone areas,
e) Capacitate women to cope up with the risks of recurrent flooding events and other protection measures

The assignment for the identification of suitable sites for flood proofing drainage system and access to drinking water supplies in vulnerable communities of eight VDCs of four Terai districts of Siraha, Saptari, Mahottari, and Udaypur, under CFGORRP Component-II have been completed successfully by IRDS’s Team. As addressed by TOR, conclusions and recommendations have been made accordingly.