Formation of TAG and 1st Induction Meeting

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is a comprehensive team comprising of Institution’s Representative Members (IRMs) and Technical Experts (TEs) from the concerned areas under both project components I and II. IRMs have been selected from the project’s partners and stakeholders including the Departments, International Organizations and Academic Institutions. Chairperson as well as the TEs have been selected, based on their individual capacity from non-partner’s organizations.

The nomination of the TAG members have already been completed and the TAG has been formed during March 2014. TAG is now an eight member group with one Chairperson, one Rapporteur, IRMs and TEs. The first TAG induction meeting was held on March 31, 2014 when the TAG members were briefed about the project and the Terms of Reference for the TAG was shared among all TAG members. The following table depicts the TAG structure:

SN Name Designation
1 Dr. Pitamber Sharma Chair-TAG
2 Mr. Tuk Lal Adhikari TAG- Geo Technical Expert
3 Mr. Om Ratna Bajracharya TAG Flood Expert
4 Mr. Hari Bhadra Acharya Member
5 Mr. Arjun Thapa Member
6 Ms. Manju Sharma Member
7 Dr. Rijan Kayastha Member
8 Dr. Arun Bhakta Shrestha Member