Inception Workshop

With the purpose of sharing and dissemination of project information to the Implementing Partners and Project Stakeholders for strengthened ownership and commitment towards the project, an Inception Workshop on “Community Based Flood and Glacial Lake Outburst Risk Reduction Project” (CFGORRP) was conducted during October 8 & 9, 2013 at Hotel Himalaya, Kathmandu, Nepal. This two-day workshop also marked the official inception and launching of the Project at the central level, in Kathmandu.

The official report on the proceedings from the Inception Workshop held centrally in Kathmandu has been submitted to the UNDP CO, on November 01, 2013.

At Field Level: Inception Workshop at the field level was conducted at Hotel Godhuli, Lahan, Siraha on October 31, 2013. Lahan, Siraha would also be housing the Field Coordination Office (FCO) in the District Soil Conservation Office, Siraha.

Likewise, a field Inception Workshop was also conducted at Namche, Solukhumbu on November 21, 2013.