The Project Executive Board (PEB), under the guidance of the PSC, is the decision making body responsible for ensuring that the project implementation follows the agreed strategies of implementation, project outputs are produced as per the project objectives, and project inputs are best utilized for producing maximum outputs in a timely and cost effective manner.

The composition of PEB is as follows:

  1. Chair, National Project Director (NPD), DG of DHM
  2. Director General, Department of Water Induced Disaster and Prevention
  3. Director General, Department of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management
  4. Director General, Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation
  5. Representative, Ministry of Finance
  6. Representative, Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development
  7. Assistant Country Director of Energy, Environment and Climate Change unit of UNDP
  8. Member Secretary, National Project Manager (NPM)

In addition, a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) comprising of eight eminent institutional representatives and experts has been formed and mobilized for providing the technical inputs and guidance to the project.