Sixth Meeting of Technical Advisory Group (TAG) was held on January 11, 2017 at CFGORRP/DHM meeting hall. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Rishi Ram Sharma, Director General and National Project Director of DHM/CFGORRP.
Senior Technical Advisor presented the progress of Imja Lake lowering works, which was completed during October 2016 and inaugurated by the honorable Ministers from Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Population and Environment on November 23, 2016.
TAG members congratulated the project team for successful completion of the most technically challenging adaptation works above 5000 masl. They appreciated the management decision to involve Nepal Army in the lake lowering task.
The members recommended for developing the Operation and Maintenance Protocols which shall integrate automated early warning system, open channel and the regulatory gate. They also opined that seepage in the downstream shall also be regularly monitored. The members also suggested for documentation of learning, so the best practices can be replicated in the future GLOF risk reduction projects.