Consultative meeting with stakeholders of hydropower projects of Dudhkoshi river basin was held on 19th March, 2017 under the chairmanship of Dr. Rishi Ram Sharma, DG/NPD-DHM/CFGORRP. Representatives from Ministry of Energy, Department of Energy Development, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Independent Power Producers of Nepal, Nepal Hydropower Association, Duhdkoshi Hydropower Projects, Insurance Committee, Bankers Association of Nepal, Nepal Investment board, hydroelectric investment and Development Company Limited and GLOF experts attended the meeting.
Brief introduction about glacial lakes and its associated hazards in the downstream valleys was briefed by presenting case studies in Nepal and trans-boundary impacts. The GLOF mitigation works undertaken in Tsho Rolpa Lake in 2000 and Imja Lake in 2016 were also discussed. Importance of studies on glacier lakes in the headwaters and its impending disaster were discussed to be incorporated in the hydropower projects that are being developed. Likewise, the hydrological data requirement for hydropower design and licensing were also discussed. Discussions on DHM’s EWS network that can be used for saving lives and infrastructures were also made.
The power producers highlighted the importance of quality hydrological data, particularly the low flow data for maximizing power generation. They made commitments to work with concerned department such as DOED and DHM towards getting quality data and share part of the operation and maintenance cost of the EWS.