Training in Flood Risk Management

CFGORRP/DHM envisions capacity development in flood risk management at community, village, district and the national levels. In this connection, the Project conducted three training programs at Simrik Hotel, Lahan from 18 to 23, August 2014. Key district line agencies that were trained include District Soil Conservation Office (DSCO), Division Office of the Department of Water Induced Disaster Prevention (DWIDP), and other district level line agencies such as District Forest Office (DFO), District Development Committee (DDC), District Technical Office (DTO), Nepal Red Cross Society of Siraha, Saptari, Udayapur and Mahottari.

Similarly in VDC level training, participants were VDC secretaries (who are currently working as VDC and VDRMC chairperson also), VDC Technical Assistants and Social Mobilizers (SM) of Nainhi, Sarpallo, Tulsipur, Pipra Pra Pi, Pakari, Dighwa, Hadiya and Jogidaha VDCs. On the other hand, 10 volunteer gauge readers participated in the gauge reader training program. They will be the focal persons of Community Based Early Warning System (CBEWS) to be established in 2015.

The training programs were:

  1. District Level Line Agencies on Flood Risk Management
  2. VDC Level Training on Flood Risk Management
  3. Gauge Reader Training on Reading, Recording and Communicating

The second two training programs were conducted in parallel way immediately after finishing the first one.

The primary aim of the training was to increase the technical capacity of district line agencies’ representatives on flood risk management. Other specific objectives were:

  • – To interact with district level line agencies’ representatives on flood risk management
  • – To share CFGORRP’s activities
  • – To acquire data, information and best practices approaches on flood risk management from the district level line agencies

Total 54 (20 district level, 24 VDC level and 10 gauge readers) participants have been benefitted through the training.