CFGORRP/DHM conducted its nineteenth Project Executive Board (PEB) Meeting on March 21, 2017 at DHM meeting hall. The board meeting was chaired by Dr. Rishi Ram Sharma, Director General-DHM/National Project Director-CFGORRP. DG from DSCWM, representatives from MoF, MoFALD, DWIDM, DNPWC, DDG from DHM and Assistant Country Director and Interim Climate Change Program Analyst from UNDP attended the meeting.
Mr. Top B Khatri, National Project Manager presented the progress made by the project during first quarter of 2017 including the second Quarter Work Plan (QWP) and operational exit strategy for endorsement. Discussions and deliberations were made on the work plans (Plan A & B). The board endorsed the second QWP 2017 comprising of Plan A through core fund and subjected to further discussion on plan B from VAT refund for approval.